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             Solar Water Pumping Systems
Solar Water Pumping Systems are the new normal for Farmers and Ranchers throughout New Mexico. Compared to Windmills, Solar Water Pumping Systems are easier to install and maintain and are far more reliable.  Sun is always easier to predict than wind.....

             Solar Pool Heating Systems
Solar Pool heating is one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to use solar energy, and can extend the swimming season easily up to 2 additional months. Luz Energy has installed dozens of pool & spa heating systems. Even indoor swimming pools that are heated the entire year pose no problem and can be heated by the sun.

                Solar Electric Systems (PV)  

LUZ was one of the first companies to install small stand alone photovoltaic or solar electric systems in NM.  Most of the earlier PV systems powered small homes and cabins, most of which that did not have access to the electrical grid.  PV systems eventually evolved into the grid-tied solar electric systems that are gaining popularity today. Since 1997, Luz Energy has installed hundreds of photovoltaic systems that have been ground mounted, pole top, mounted and roof mounted in a variety of locations.


Luz Energy Corporation has literally designed, engineered and installed hundreds of photovoltaic & solar hot water systems for variety of different customers. The below pictures and brief descriptions of different projects have been provided to allow for visual representation of the diversity of Luz Energy’s expertise in installing a wide range of solar power and hot water systems.

Solar Domestic Hot Water (SDHW)

LUZ Energy Corporation has designed, engineered and installed numerous solar hot water heating systems including those for domestic hot water & space heating.  Systems using glycols, silicon oils and other forms of freeze protection have been installed which included a variety of heat transfer mediums and pumping techniques. There is no solar hot water heating system configuration in NM that LUZ has not worked on or does not understand.